Modular lifting platform

This new product is based on a special, logistical requirement, to lift or lower loads up to 12t over heights of up to 2m in confined spaces, that do not allow to use forklifts or cranes. A typical application is e.g. the exchange of a transformer or a machine in an urban building. The load movement in the building as well as on and off the platform is possible with heavy duty rollers. The half-landings on the way in the building will overcome with the lifting platform.

The platform for the load is a plug-in construction of elements with different sizes and thus allows different platformsizes, with the aim of adapting to the size and weight of the load and to optimize the workflow.

The entire system is modular. Lifting supports and platform elements can be separated from each other (for example for transport) and mounted again (for use). The preassembled lifting platform can also be placed with e.g. a mobile crane and dropped off on site, if local conditions permit.

For strokes higher than 70cm the electric jacks are used. The lifting process is controlled by an automatic, electronic inclination control. For strokes under 70cm, the simpler and lighter manual leveling brackets type 272 can be used alternatively.

Realizing the design based on a rack and pinion drive ensures that the height of the lifting platform itself remains constant, which was a basic requirement for the specific compined, spatial operating conditions - especially with regard to the existing ceiling heights.

To ensure safe working conditions during loading or unloading, a railing can be inserted around the platform and the system additionally braced with chains and thus stiffened. During the lifting or lowering process, load can be secured in special lashing points on the platform.




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